5 Best Cocktails for Weight Loss in Menopause

Who doesn’t love a tasty cocktail? A cool glass of white wine or frozen drink in the summer adds to the sun and fun of warm weather.  In the winter a glass of red wine or a mixed drink provides the warm fuzzies needed to counter the chill in the air.  Cocktails with friends is certainly a fun way to socialize, but unfortunately does nothing positive to your midlife waistline.  

It’s sad to admit but alcohol contains empty calories and doesn’t provide any nutrients to your body. After that first cocktail, we often lose sight of our health goals and our will power. You may even find yourself indulging in those high calorie processed snacks that you avoided all week long, adding to midlife bloat.

All alcoholic beverages are not created equal when it comes to calories. Choosing a lower calorie beverage allows you to sip without guilt. Check out our suggestions below.

Top 5 Alcoholic Drinks for Weight Loss in Menopause

1. Champagne or Prosecco: 120 calories in 5oz glass.  The bubbles in this refreshing drink may even help you feel full, avoiding overeating.

2. Red Wine: 125 calories in 5oz glass.  Red wine is full of antioxidants, so in moderation is considered heart healthy.

3. Liquor on the rocks: Tequila 98 calories in 1.5oz., Whiskey (80 proof) 97 calories in 1.5oz, Vodka (80 proof) 97 calories

4. Liquor with a zero calorie mixer: Mixers like flavored carbonated water add taste without calories to any alcoholic beverage.

5. Light beer: 105 calories in 12oz.

Barbra Hanna, DO, FACOG, MSCP

Barbra Hanna, DO, FACOG, MSCP

Dr Barbra Hanna, a board-certified OB/GYN and Menopause Society Certified Practitioner has 25+ years experience in women's health. She founded MyMenopauseRx to fill the void in menopause healthcare.